Don't become trapped in your cars and truck with an escape device that won't work.

Your life could depend on it.
There are several low-cost replica vehicle escape safety hammers on the marketplace that seem similar to the original Lifehammer. Don't be deceived. A lot of them use inferior quality steel as well as affordable plastic to maintain their prices low. In a real emergency the outcomes might be tragic.
When it concerns the security of you as well as your family members, just the best will do.
The Original Lifehammer Classic is a premium automobile retreat device made in The Netherlands. In an emergency it will easily shatter an automobile home window and also piece via an obstructed seat belt so you can escape car entrapment.
The Original Lifehammer has been provided the distinguished GS TUV strict German safety certification.
Don't risk your life with a low-cost imitation. Constantly try to find the web GS TUV label.
Order the Original Lifehammer Safety Hammer Classic.
To buy click the web link in the summary listed below.
The initial safety and security hammer is currently called the "Classic". It is a high quality auto getaway device that has a my website twin sided safety hammer head made of carbon steel. The carbon steel head is cone shaped and concerns a point which enables it to quickly break a important site solidified glass window. Lots of people have no idea that solidified glass is very tough to recover cost with a typical claw hammer. It additionally has actually a secured blade that could puncture an obstructed safety belt.

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